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Registration tabulatorIn order to facilitate the commercial companies, in view of the overall business activity thereof, LAW OFFICE "ARTIS LEGAL" offer the conclusion of Legal Services Subscription Agreement. The Law Office provides highly-qualified legal servicing of Bulgarian and foreign individuals and legal entities, against a monthly subscription fee. The subscription legal servicing is a type of servicing at which for a certain amount of time any and all required for the normal functioning of the Client’s business activity legal services are provided, including solution and handling of any unexpectedly occurring legal problems as well.

abzacThe subscription consists of any and all services elaborately described in the law office’s website.

 tabulatorThe complete legal customer subscription servicing guarantees our clients the absence of troubles and the needed security upon solving any occurring problems by a specialist well aware of the company’s activity, and one they can rely on. Therefore, against payment of a monthly subscription fee for agreed upon in advance volume of legal services and reduced additional payment for the legal services performed in excess of such volume, our clients – subscribers shall receive special attention and immediate legal services. The clients that have signed subscription agreements with us are guaranteed priority review and solution of any and all occurring legal problems in a timely manner. This approach helps us provide timely and competent legal assistance at reasonable prices.


  • Optimum legal defense and assistance taking into account the particular characteristics of the activities performed thereby; 
  • Elaboration of complete and long-term legal concept for development and optimization of the business activity thereof; 
  • Fixed monthly fee for a fixed volume of legal services; 
  • Reduced costs of legal services performed by a qualified lawyer; 
  • Saved expenses for judicial and legal personnel; 
  • Solutions customized to the individual circumstances and the specifics of business activity performed; 
  • Special attention and prioritized servicing; 
  • Readiness for most expedient and optimum solution of any and all matters;
  • Constant and immediate services provided to the client, completely meeting his needs and solving any and all problems occurring during the performance of the business activity thereof. 


  • Continuous daily legal assistance; 
  • Highly-qualified legal services and customized approach upon solving any and all matters; 
  • Relationship based on mutual trust, reliability and confidentiality; 
  • Minimum amount of the attorney’s remuneration for all services not included in the Subscription Agreement; 
  • Professional and most expedient performance of all services elaborately described in the law office’s website.

abzacWe strive to be yours reliable legal support, ensuring your confidence that all your rights and legal interests are protected.