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Sales investment tabulatorLAW OFFICE "ARTIS LEGAL" offers high-quality legal services to Bulgarian and foreign citizens and legal people in the following areas of law:

 tabulatorCivil law

  • Legal consultations on civil legal matters;
  • Preparation of title deeds, powers of attorney, certificates, invitations and provision of assistance before a notary public;
  • Consultations upon the execution of different types of transactions and deals and contracts and agreements’ preparation;

 tabulatorCommercial law

  • Consultations, incorporation and registration of any and all types of commercial companies, holding companies and consortiums;
  • Registration of trade representations of Bulgarian and foreign companies;
  • Consultations to local and foreign commercial companies in relation to the business activity and management thereof;

 tabulatorLaw of property

  • Consultations and legal advices on transactions related to the acquisition and disposal of real estate and movables;
  • Drafting and preparation of preliminary agreements and title deeds for real estate transactions, contracting mortgages, etc.;

 tabulatorContractual law

  • Consultations for conclusion of contracts in the area of the civil, commercial and contractual law;
  • Comprehensive legal services for drafting and preparation of different types of agreements and representation during the conclusion thereof;

 tabulatorBanking law

  • Consultations, assistance and drafting and preparation of documents for conclusion of any and all types of bank credit agreements;
  • Consultations and preparation of contracts for incorporation of credit collaterals – contracts and agreements for mortgage, pledges, warrant, expromissio, assumption of debt, etc.;

 tabulatorInsurance law

  • Legal consultations upon conclusion of insurance contracts;
  • Legal consultations in relation to incorporation and licensing of insurance companies;
  • Consultations in the sphere of property and personal insurance;
  • Representation and assistance before insurance companies in relation to payment of insurance compensations;
  • Litigation and legal defense in procedures against insurance companies.

 tabulatorLabour law

  • Consultations on legal labour matters to companies and individuals;
  • Execution, amendment and termination of employment and freelance contracts, drafting and preparation of job description;
  • Drafting and preparation of documents related to the labour legislation – documents regarding enforcement of disciplinary punishments, firing, severance and compensation payments;

 tabulatorFamily law

  • Different marital claims and matters of family legal nature;
  • Statements of a claim for a divorce by mutual consent and under the general claim procedures;
  • Legal property claims for ownership after the divorce;

 tabulatorInheritance law

  • Occurrence of legal inheritance matters;
  • Determination of the hereditary share and estate, depending on the manner of acquisition of the forbearer’s property;

 tabulatorAdministrative law

  • Complete administrative legal servicing to Bulgarian and foreign legal entities and individuals;
  • Consultations and assistance in procedures on issuance of different types of administrative acts;
  • Research, consultations and assistance before the administrative bodies in relation to license and permit regimes established for certain activities at the territory of the country;

 tabulatorTax law

  • Consultations in the area of the tax law;
  • Litigation before the tax administration;
  • Provision of legal services in relation to the taxation and defense against tax audit acts;
  • Litigation and legal defense on tax matters and proceedings.

 tabulatorCriminal law

  • Legal consultations and litigation in the area of criminal law;
  • Assistance and legal defense in cases of arrest by pre-trial proceedings bodies and authorities;
  • Provision of legal assistance and defense in case of lodged accusation and charges for executed crime;