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Sales investment tabulatorLAW OFFICE "ARTIS LEGAL" offer the full set of legal services related to any and all types of real estate transactions and deals at the territory of Bulgaria:

  • Consultations and legal advices on transactions related to the acquisition and disposal of real estate and movables;

  • Drafting and preparation of preliminary agreements and title deeds for real estate transactions, contracting mortgages, etc.;

  • Drafting and preparation of any and all documents required for the execution of the transaction and assistance during the negotiation process;

  • Incorporation of limited property rights on real estates – usage right, right to upgrade a building, additional construction right, easement and passage rights;

  • Consultations and drafting and preparation of real estate lease agreements;

  • Drafting and preparation of preliminary real estate sale and construction agreements;

  • Construction agreements;

  • Legal assistance for obtaining permits and other construction documents, design visas, investment designs’ approval, construction permits, usage permits;

  • Assistance for procedures for amending development and cadastral plans;

  • Consultations in relation to schemes for financing from credit institutions;

  • Foreign investments in the sphere of the real estate;

  • Provision of assistance upon execution and certification of the deals and transactions before a Notary Public, before state and government bodies and before the local administration bodies;

  • Litigation in court procedures in relation to real estate – disputes related to property rights, partition, existence of limited property rights, etc.